About Our Club

If service to others, particularly young people, is important to you, then you've come to the right place! Our primary objective is a commitment to make children priority one, which means that all of our efforts are directed at improving the lives of young people in the community. We do this through a variety of programs and partnerships, including Safety Town, a week-long event that teaches children all about safety, both in and out of the home.

The Kiwanis motto is "We Build" and the fruits of our labor are clearly visible throughout the community. From the Bob Tuck Kiwanis Playground at Christmas Run Park to the Laura B. Frick Kiwanis Playground at Freedlander Park to picnic pavilions throughout the city, the Wooster Kiwanis Club has certainly made its mark on our town.

In recent years we have joined with the Rotary Club of Wooster, the Lions Club, and the Exchange Club to offer the annual Joint Service Club project.  Organizations can apply to be considered for seed funding of approximately $2,500 and the labor of the four clubs' memberships (almost 500 people) to complete a project.
Kiwanis Club of Wooster Achieves Blue-Level Today Club Status
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The Kiwanis Club of Wooster has achieved Blue-level Today Club status...